Our pricing structure for comprehensive market reports is tailored to provide you with exceptional value, offering detailed insights and analysis at competitive rates. Contact us to discuss specific pricing options and access to our range of reports.

Basic Plan
(*Annual Subscription for One User)
Professional Plan
(*Annual Subscription for One User)n
Premium Plan
(*Annual Subscription for One User)
Online Access to Content Publications ✓ 
Access Player Profiles Online ✓ 
Immediate Access to Newly Added Content ✓ 
Round-the-clock Email and Phone Assistance ✓ 
Dashboard Usage and Trends ✓ 
Renewal & Upgrade Assistance ✓ 
Customization Options and Alerts for New Reports ✓ 
User Capacity Upgrade Support 6 to 9 Seats 10 to 24 Seats 25 to 50 Seats
Analyst Consultations 20 40 100
PDF Document Access Credits 25 100 250
Excel Document Retrieval Quota 25 100 250
Company Profiles Downloads  290 Unlimited Unlimited
Renewal Deadline Extension 10 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Instant Report Access Credits 5 20 40
Fees for Minimum User Count 5 10 25
PDF, Excel-License Type Premium Plan Premium Plan Premium Plan
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